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Ready to Look & Feel your Best yourself?
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Interview Testimonials

How Marina Got Off Alcohol and Completely Turned her Life Around in Various Ways

In 4 months Marina not only lost 20 lbs, but got a salary raise, found a partner after years of being single & more!

👉🏼 "If you have an opportunity to work with him then do it, because you will not regret it!"

👉🏼“To say that he changed my life is really, really an understatement”

👉🏼“He actually made me turn my life 360º upside down in so many ways”

👉🏼“I feel like I regained/took charge of my life again”

👉🏼“What he made me accomplish in my life is HUGE”

How Catherine Achieved her Career Goals while Looking & Feeling her Best at Age 50

Catherine is a single mom and working a very demanding job with long hours as she is the Chief Client Officer at Baker Botts.

For the past 2 years, Catherine has been a Personal Training client (training with me 3-4x / week consistently) and we added the Online Coaching some time later.

We have successfully worked on improving the pain & osteoarthritis symptoms in both her knees, building muscle & strength while maintaining a low level of body fat, improving work performance (& achieving her personal career goals), lowering stress & anxiety.

How Eslly got her first regular period in 3 years and down to the lowest weight since age 18

When Eslly first came to me she was dealing with a lot – high stress (from studying and working 3 jobs), anxiety, bloating, irregular periods & acne (from PCOS) & more. She had been unsuccessfully trying to lose weight for years, worked out 6x/week, doing HIIT and everything.

While working together for about 10 months, she managed to lose 17 lbs (which is how much she last weighed at age 18), her acne & bloating improved, she got her first regular period in 3 years, stopped drinking alcohol, discovered fasting for herself which she loved and overall made a ton of personal progress.

How Yvonne Finally Lost Weight after 8 Years of Crash & Yoyo-Dieting while Reversing her Health Issues

👉🏼“And I worked with you for 6 months now and saw more results than I did in years!”

👉🏼“The first thing that changed was that I knew I could trust you 100%, that you knew what you were doing and that I can eat food without having the fear of gaining weight”

👉🏼“I can do everything while eating, being healthy, happy, socialize.. I had stopped going out with friends because I thought I couldn’t eat the foods at the restaurant, and now I can do those things and I will do them in the future 100%”

👉🏼“At some point, I had to realize that taking a coach and working with someone who knows what he’s doing is the shortcut.”

How Angie Broke a 10-Year Weight Loss Plateau while Optimizing her Digestion & Hormones

👉🏼“Till I recommend you to everyone I know”

👉🏼“I always thought that I knew what to eat, how to eat.. I had lost a lot of weight doing Weight Watchers and other diet programs, but then I just got stuck. I wanted to lose another 20 lbs and I just couldn’t..”

👉🏼“For the last 10 years I wanted to reach my pre-pregnancy weight and I just couldn’t, I was always about 10-20 lbs away” [being just 3 lbs away atm]!

👉🏼“A lot of the things I’ve discovered about myself and the way my body is working is beyond what I ever thought you and I would be talking about”.

Ready to Look & Feel your Best yourself?
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Mini Testimonials

These are short clips I captured during regular conversations & check-in calls.

Ready to Look & Feel your Best yourself?
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Mini Testimonials

Ready to Look & Feel your Best yourself?
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And More Testimonials :)

Ready to Look & Feel your Best yourself?
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